Best Short Code SMS Services

Short Codes Services are small cellular telephone numbers. Short Numbers are easier to read and remember.
We are one of the leading Premium Short Code Service Providers in India . Wish to increase leads for your Business and products by getting the sender’s mobile numbers? Select a keyword appropriate for your company and prospective customers and send enquiries by sending SMS PRODUCT to 54545 or 56767.

Short Code SMS Features

  • Wider and known Brand Equity
  • Less number addressing: easy to use, easy to remember.
  • One central administrator of CSCs
  • Customer charges are Rs. 3 per message
  • Auto Reply Features
  • HTTP API Configuration for Static Message Reply
  • Trigger URL / API to call external application

There Are Two kinds Of Services

  • Dedicated Service
  • Shared Service

Shared Short Code Pricing

  • Short Code Number 56XXX
  • Keyword Depends on availability i.e.) KAPSYS, SCHOOL, LOAN
  • Validity/Tenure One Year
  • Pricing 3,000 INR / Per Month
  • Total Amount 36,000 INR +14% of ST

Dedicated Short Code Pricing

It depends on the availability of the number / commercials from the operator. For availability of Dedicated Short Code, kindly write a mail to