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As a relatively young IT company which fosters ambitions to be counted among the best in Silicon City, the worlds IT capital, KAP Computer Solutions has invested wisely and prudently in infrastructure not excluding individual, institutional, intellectual and human resources.

Our head office in Jayanagar is fully equipped with state of the art infrastructure, high-performance workstations loaded with latest software in an ergonomically designed work area with comfortable seating and lighting, 24/7 dedicated high capacity internet lines, a highly secure intranet network and data security systems and 24/7 uninterrupted power supply.

From the workplace to the location and working infrastructure, KAP Computer Solutions has made every effort to develop an efficient and effective infrastructure, keeping in mind, that a great place to work is the first vital cog in the wheel of progress. However, we have taken a conscious decision to keep off the frills and freebies the one reason why our office is functional, and not flashy.

No effort is spared in pooling in all our intellectual capital to develop know-how about the latest in processing power and advanced analytics. With this knowledge at our disposal, we work assiduously to reduce cost and waste, improve efficiency and productivity and raise the quality of all our products and services.

Any suggestion to add/alter/change/renovate/remove any infrastructure has to pass through an IQ Test, viz. Infrastructure Quotient Test. For example, does the suggestion to add a latest IT infrastructure help in shortening the time taken to solve a problem. Does it cut costs or enhance quality or Improve delivery

In the final analysis, all Infrastructures at KAP Computer Solutions is built and developed, with the sole idea of enabling us to deliver the best quality products and services to our customer and offer the best value proposition.