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  KAP & Its Kingdom

The Influentials

Our Core Competency across the entire range of our bouquet of products/services is built on the premise of keeping it simple, relevant, and focused, so as to optimize functionality, maximize experience and deliver customer delight. In an increasingly dynamic world the greatest challenge is to keep it simple, while delivering the most complex products/services.

KAPs Work Culture is fully in tune with the decade of Smart and all our resources are skillfully and meticulously deployed to ensure in-time, delivery every time and making everything leaner, flexible, resilient and smarter for our customers.

KAPS & The Digital Decade

Small is big. Trillions of small digital devices with enormous computational power drive the biggest changes in the world today. Big is small too. All the knowledge of the world, the ebb and flow of markets, and the life and work of billions of people is guided by the intelligence imbedded in miniature computers. In a world driven by data and defined by complex analytics, you need clarity, to sift through the mountains of intelligence and discover the right solution for your product or service.

KAPS & Its People

KAP Computer Solutions invests a lot of value in its people. Our handpicked engineers are expert in the language of spreadsheets rather than making souped up sales pitches. KAPS benchmarks its practices and performance against top peers in the field and especially against its competitors. A detailed operational metrics is put in place to track real-time performance and the quality of critical functionalities, not only to keep the projects on course, but also to find new ways of improving the product development process. The best of Kaizen practices are used to integrate Next Practices in our functioning.

Our core team of software and IT professionals constantly benchmark with the best in the industry to develop similar relevant capabilities in-house. The KAPS advantage for our customers is our total focus on continuous improvement in quality of products, services, and processes. This helps us to deepen expertise and capabilities for delivering services to companies in specific industries, develop strong industry-specific packages of software and services and lend a cutting edge to our quality of consulting.

Though KAP Computer Solutions is an one-year old company, we have meticulously put in place a slew of growth enablers such as new delivery paradigms, client reengineering and branding to fast track our growth to a position of eminence. In short, our credo is to consistently strive to convert our customer service into a competitive advantage.